What’s On Your Bucket List?

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French Quarter Greek Revival Home


What is on your bucket list?

My bucket list is filled with names of cities around the world that I want to travel to and explore and photograph. 3 years ago my sweet hubby surprised me with a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana as a Christmas gift. Just the two of us, for 5 days, in NOLA at Easter (my son was not very happy about that, but the Easter Bunny still visited him so I think he got over it)!


I love old buildings and learning about their history (some of the houses we saw were definitely haunted!). I love the character of old porches, weathered shutters and details like textured dormers and wood window frames. I love to imagine the people who lived in the house when it was first built.  But what really draws me in, is unique doors! HUGE doors! Peeled paint, bright and bold colour choices, real brass door knockers. So as you can imagine the Doors of New Orleans did not disappoint!


French Quarter Favorites

Clint and I spent hours each day (one day we got over 25,000 steps) just walking through the French Quarter neighbourhoods, standing in front of the old Creole cottages and townhouses, each with a unique blend of French and Spanish influence. One lady, popped her head out as I was taking a picture. I quickly told her I just wanted to take a photo because I just loved her house! She smiled, waved me a kiss and said ‘I love you darling!’ Clint and I just waved, smiled and laughed in surprise at the sweet old lady. I wish I was brazen enough to ask her for a peek inside, but we just carried on. We did get the opportunity to see inside an authentic French Quarter  home. We stayed at a bed and breakfast that was a Greek Revival mansion. The R&B B&B had the most amazing front door, red peeling paint, so heavy and solid. The narrow building with high ceilings and vintage decor really gave us a feel for the historic antebellum style.


Of course, we did the touristy things, like visiting Cafe du Monde and eating beignets and drinking coffee! We also toured the Garden District and were in awe of the old Southern mansions. But the houses in the Quarter were my FAVORITE! So many bright and bold colours, weathered wood, ornate cast iron fixtures. There is a dark history in the South, but I appreciate how that history has created such a rich and diverse place filled with music, culture and art that I feel grateful to have experienced. The homes in the French Quarter captivated me, here are a few of my favorites… and if you would like to see more, check out the gallery here, all photos are available for purchase. Contact me at paula@photoheart.ca for more details.


So what is on your bucket list? Comment below and share your list with me! 2018 may be the year to check some items off!



Doors of New Orleans – Full gallery here

What is on your bucket list

Creole Townhouse New Orleans

What is on your bucket list

R&B B&B red front door

What is on your bucket list

Spanish influence is obvious on this weathered Creole cottage in the heart of the French Quarter

What is on your bucket list

French Quarter red and blue balcony view

What is on your bucket list

Creole Cottage – white and blue