Word of the year

Have you ever tried this? My first ever Word of the year was ‘Energy’ in 2015. It was a year where I focused on health, family and travel. It was also the same year I started running, my family moved to Kamloops and Clint and I went to New Orleans (you can see some of my favorites from that trip here). If you want to learn more about choosing a word, check out this link.

Vision Board

I created a vision board as a daily reminder of my word of the year. Not the typical vision board and more of an arts and craft piece. I loved to look at the little details to find inspiration. It is really FUN to create a vision board like this. To physically create the vision you see for your life. Pictures and words can express how your ‘word’ will be immersed in your daily life.

Word of the year

Word of the year:2015













This year my word is ACTION. This word has many meanings to me, here are a few of my interpretations:

Move every day

Doesn’t mean I’m going to run every day. Some days I will walk with my family, or hike around Kenna or chase my dogs around the park. It will always be something fun, something that makes me sweat, something that makes me feel good.

Try something new every month

A new food, recipe, class, hairstyle, etc. On Jan 3 I embraced the grey (sneak peak here on Instagram) and began the process of going ‘au naturel’ with my hair colour. I love trying new things, but it is so easy to get stuck in a rut with meal ideas or even in my job. Signing up for a new creative class that is not necessarily photography based is something I have in the works right now…

Serve the community

Being part of a community is very important to me. Last year I volunteered with the JDRF Kamloops, GenNext and The Rolling Barrage. I was always involved in something when I lived in Quesnel, and it feels so good to give back again to my new home town!

Create a Vision Board: Step by Step

Really this is pretty simple. Although I consider myself pretty crafty, you do not have to be crafty. You just need scissors and glue. FUN, right???

The first thing I did was grab some magazines I had hanging around: Travel, Running and Photography. Then I quickly flipped through looking for images that felt like they meant action or the colour or concept was appealing. Next, I took a second run through the magazines looking for key words and phrases that encompassed my vision word and cut them out.

STEP 1 & 2

Word of the year


Now, for the really FUN part! Putting it all together! I took an 11×17 canvas board (you can choose whatever size works for you, consider wall size and how much you want to add to the board itself) purchased at my favorite local crafty store, Michaels of course! sprayed a light layer of a good tacky glue and then started layering. First the largest images, and then layered the words and phrases. If you use a spray glue, be sure to cover your work space, that stuff flies! This part of the process took me less than 20 minutes.

Word of the year


I’m really happy with the result! I already hung it on the wall of my office, where I will see it every day. It always amazes me how something so simple can have such a big impact!

Word of the year

Word of the year: ACTION

My Family’s Word of the Year

Last year my family joined in on the fun and we chose a word and then created a different kind of vision board for our family. In 2017 our family word was ‘Joy’. This year we have chosen the word ‘Respect’ and will be working on our family board over the next couple of weeks.

Word of the year

I would LOVE to hear your word for 2018 and feel free to email me a snap of your vision board – I would love to share them on my Facebook page!

Wishing you all the best in this New Year! I look forward to moving forward!