I don’t know about you, but the first 3 months of the year leave me feeling a bit blah. Grey skies and lots of snow (and I’m kind of a fair weather outdoor gal) kind of bum me out…so last November I signed up for a 21 day Photography Challenge that would run in the month of February! Perfect. And it was hosted by my friend/mentor/favorite photographer Tineke Ziemer from Northern Persona Photography, so that was super exciting for me!  You know, to help with getting the creative juices flowing!

Then in January, I made the decision to sign up for the 3 month long Make-Up Artist diploma program at Interior Acadamy of Hair Design. It was only 2 days a week, starting at the end of January. I could handle it… Well lets just say, February was a VERY CREATIVE month for me! At times I was sure my brain would explode from all of the things I was learning/doing/dreaming.


I made it through the 21 days of the challenge. Some days I felt more creative than others. Some days time was a challenge. Some days my iPhone was my camera of choice. But in the end, I feel I grew a little more as a photographer. I definitely tried some new things with lighting that I may not have pushed myself to try without this challenge. If you want to see what myself and the other 10 participants created, check out Tineke’s post here.


I also need to thank my husband Clint for not only assisting me on almost all of the shoots with lighting but also being a model for some of the images. I could not have done this challenge without him! Check out images Day 2, 17 & 21!

A little about the challenge – each day (or night – right at Midnight) we were sent an email with the challenge description, ideas of how to approach the subject and some tips about technique and had 24 hours to come up with an image and submit it for Tineke’s critique. The challenge took me right back to the excitement of my first experience with Tineke as my teacher – if you love photography and you have the opportunity to take ANY of her courses, DO IT!!!! She has a very unique way of telling you what you could have done better and still make you feel like a rock star!


21 days. 21 images. The image titles are mine, not what the challenge was, see if you can figure it out…

Day 1 – water colours

Day 2 – Mountain Man

Day 6 – brain melt

Day 10 – hard habit to break

Day 15 – twisted sense of humour

Day 16 – Clickity Clack

Day 17 – light as a feather

Day 18 – pretty in pink

Day 21 – falling apart