Celebrating 12 Fabulous 50 year old women

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Celebrating 12 Fabulous 50 year old women

Looking back on 2018 my heart is full. It was a year of connection for me. Reconnecting with long-time friends (both in my hometown as well as traveling in and out of the province), connecting with like-valued people who support me in my business and health goals and I support them in return. As well, I reconnected with my photography business in a way that has really changed my focus (no pun intended) as I move forward in 2019 (you will hear much more about this in future posts!).

One of my fondest memories of 2018 was a mini reunion with 11 of my high school (and a few that go all the way back to elementary school) girlfriends last August! When I mentioned this gathering to others, people were shocked that I was still in touch with more than 1 or 2 people from my high school years, let alone 11 of them! I appreciate and cherish the friendships that have weathered marriages, divorces, children, grand babies, moves to another country even! It is a rare thing these days, but thanks to technology keeping us in touch we were able to make it happen!

My Beloved Bitches

We gathered together for 3 days at our lovely hosts home in Chilliwack, BC. We reminisced about old times and ate a lot of yummy food. We laughed so hard our stomachs ached and created so many new, cherished memories. I am forever grateful for these women who have been in my life for so long, at different times of my life. They are always loving and supportive no matter how different the path our lives have followed.

Since there was 12 of us all together at one time, Kim B. came up with the idea that we could celebrate our friendships by creating a pinup calendar, just for us! Sorry folks, not for sale…however with their permission I’m sharing some of the images from the shoot below. 2019 is a milestone year for us as we will all be turning 50 years old and this is definitely a fabulous way to celebrate!

This was a collaborative project in every aspect! Every single one of us bitches helped create this calendar! Kim and Tracy worked their hair styling magic and several of us helped with makeup. Chantal Couture, owner of Funktional and Frock & Fellow in Kelowna, BC helped many of us with our outfits. So many laughs (a few nervous giggles too) as we paraded around the house trying on outfits, hair in rollers, adding lashes and lipstick and picking the best shoe or accessory! We ventured all around the countryside to find the perfect location for each gal. Each woman came up with her own theme for their shoot and I think each one was a perfect celebration of their individuality! It was amazing to watch these women supporting and cheering each other on during their shoots! These bitches truly had each others back!

I must admit, even though each one of these ladies was so willing and trusting that I would get the best shot for their idea, I was the absolute worst subject! I mean, somebody had to take my picture, poor lady! But my extremely patient and kind friend Chantal stepped up to the plate to take my photograph. Honestly, I hate getting my photo taken. I can totally relate to each woman who tells me the same. However, I expect them to let go of the fear and just trust me. So, with a few deep breaths I let Chantal do her magic!

A HUGE Thank You to my beloved bitches, you make turning 50 a time to look forward to. I am so excited to celebrate this milestone with each one of you!

What are you waiting for?

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“True friendship isn’t being inseparable, it is being separated and nothing changes.” ~ Unknown

Paula <3