This exciting and sexy photo session was Sheila’s way to celebrate turning 50! It took place in Vancouver, BC and yes this means I am willing to travel! Honoring the beautiful, feminine self at any age is what I love to help women do. We tend to call this type of session a boudoir shoot, but I look at it as body empowerment movement! It is a keepsake of honoring the body you have been blessed with and being proud of who you are.

On December 31, Sheila turned 50 and wanted to create a series of timely photos. She also snuck in a sexy surprise for her man. Wait and see what it is… you won’t be disappointed!

The following images are a beautiful message of how the heart leads all things. Sheila’s silhouette is in the background but it is the heart that is the main attraction. Each image shows Sheila in a level of comfort with herself which is such a beautiful part of being at the 50 year mark. There is a specific beauty and sexiness that comes from finally knowing yourself and accepting every part.

What I love about this next image is the simple sensuality and how shows off Sheila’s curves and gorgeous facial features. You can feel the inner beauty of her exuding in the surrender.

This image of Sheila laying in the light with a sense of deep bliss creates a feeling of all out peace that is contagious.

The curves of Sheila’s body in the background with her hand emphasized is so simple but so captivating. The heart theme of this session shows the importance of love in Sheila’s life. For herself and the people in it. What a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday.

Next we turned up the heat on this boudoir photo session up by heading down to the garage for some images on her man’s Harley. Sheila felt this would be a very welcoming surprise for her guy. We also had some giggles along the way with car alarms as the sound track to this part of the session! Thankfully we did not alert security… Don’t you think everything about Sheila’s look here fits perfectly into the scene? Her raven black hair, the aviator sunglasses, the leather jacket. This idea is a fantasy come to life.

I could not resist this image, the contradiction of leather and lace suits the scene of Sheila sitting on her man’s Harley. She seriously makes turning 50 look amazing!

This pose exudes every bit of Sheila’s confidence. An inviting posture as she leans into this muscle machine of a Harley. This is femininity meeting up with muscle and metal.

And a funny bit about this image, we were coming back up to Sheila’s apartment and I saw the light coming in from a tiny skylight in the stairwell.  You just never know where we will end up on an adventure shoot like this! Stay tuned for my next blog, it will be part 2 of this weekend shoot in Vancouver visiting some OUTDOOR locations! We stepped out of our comfort zones to create some amazing images and it was so worth it!

In Sheila’s words…

Have you ever had a boudoir photo session? Yes or no, what made you decide to book your boudoir session with Photoheart Studios instead of another studio?

No, I had not had a boudoir photo session before. I wanted to do it to celebrate turning 50! I had seen Paula’s work with other women of a certain age and knew she had a great eye.

How did you feel before going to your shoot? Any particular thoughts or concerns?

I felt pretty confident about the shoot due to the questions and information Paula provided prior to the shoot day. She prepares you for what to expect and that made me feel comfortable.

What was your favourite thing about your photoshoot experience?

It was fun! There was a lot of laughter. I also felt beautiful. Paula finds the most flattering positions and lighting and comes up with some fantastic ideas for the shoot.

How did you feel AFTER your session?

I felt sexy and beautiful. It was very rewarding and I just could not wait to see the final pictures.

Is there anything you would do differently now that you have experienced a boudoir session?

I don’t think so. It was a pretty perfect day!

What would you tell other women who are considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Yes, book it! I tell all my friends and once they see my photos, they are definitely interested in booking a photo shoot. Paula is so professional, but also knows how to have fun with it. She is great at what she does!

Anything else you would like to add?

No matter what your age or size or if you are shy or confident…booking a boudoir photo shoot will make you feel beautiful and you will leave feeling like the wonderful woman you truly are…and you will forever have the pictures to remind you ?

Thank you so much for sharing your words Sheila, I am so excited to be celebrating your 50th year with you! This boudoir photo shoot captures the real Sheila. She is a woman who knows who she is and can express it in such a beautiful and powerful way. It’s fun to be creative in the art of photographing the body the way we did here. I am always open to your suggestions to best personalize your photo shoots. This is how we create the magic.

Paula <3