Adventurous Vancouver Outdoor Boudoir Session with Sheila

Feb 21, 2019 | 0 comments

Boudoir session


This adventurous Vancouver boudoir session was all shot outdoors. This is part two of the photo session I did with Sheila who was  celebrating turning 50 (if you missed part one click here to view it.)! In addition to the beautiful boudoir style images we created in her Vancouver apartment, Sheila also wanted to honor her love for hiking and spending time at the ocean. I love that she wanted to do this part of the session outside. It was quite an adventure and the light was perfect. Sheila easily conveyed her love of nature and her wild side.

The first location was one of Sheila’s favorite hiking trails, found in Pacific Spirit park. When we arrived we were chasing the light to find the perfect spot before the sun went too low. As you can se the the way that the natural light highlights the beauty of Sheila’s skin was magic in the forest here. The moss and sunlight was a perfect background for this whimsical feeling Sheila portrayed. There is a lovely innocence in her face. An invitation to come and enjoy the forest for an adventure. The vulnerability of silk in this old growth setting made for such a great energy. There is a mystique I find so inviting wandering through a forest. A certain magic in the moment of exploration.

You can see how truly peaceful Sheila feels in the forest. The sunlight dances in her hair as she gleefully wanders through her favorite trails.

Frolicking in the forest, there is almost a medieval feeling. Life is simple, sexy and wonderful. That’s what this image says to me. Sheila is completely in her element.

This photo tells the story. Sheila creates a sexy, intriguing vibration, asking you to walk down the path she too walks on. I just love this.

Next we zoomed across town to a very special place to Sheila along Spanish Banks beach. Such a sultry photo considering we were close to freezing in the cool November breeze. Sheila at is truly at home in one of her favorite places, the beach. She only slightly reveals what she’s wearing under her jacket (partially because she is cold, but mostly because she is so dang cool!). Although there is that vulnerability of being in lingerie at the beach, these photos exemplify the fact that she is complete and whole living in vibrant Vancouver. Her adventurous nature shines through in these photos.  So many stunning contrasts of nature, Sheila’s skin, and her red overcoat. Her ‘almost famous’ red lipstick captivates.

A smile that could light up the city, this stunning photo goes straight to your heart. Having fun on the beach. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Sheila showcases all of her beautiful curves in this last image while the final rays of the day kiss her body.  A beach goddess adoring her surroundings. This outdoor boudoir shoot in Vancouver was really special and I loved doing it. Being outdoors with lingerie is such a wonderful contrast. Sheila really embraced her love for the outdoors and it shows in every image.

In Sheila’s words…

Have you ever had a boudoir photo session? Yes or no, what made you decide to book your boudoir session with Photoheart Studios instead of another studio?

No, I had not had a boudoir photo session before. I wanted to do it to celebrate turning 50! I had seen Paula’s work with other women of a certain age and knew she had a great eye.

How did you feel before going to your shoot? Any particular thoughts or concerns?

I felt pretty confident about the shoot due to the questions and information Paula provided prior to the shoot day. She prepares you for what to expect and that made me feel comfortable.

What was your favourite thing about your photoshoot experience?

It was fun! There was a lot of laughter. I also felt beautiful. Paula finds the most flattering positions and lighting and comes up with some fantastic ideas for the shoot.

How did you feel AFTER your session?

I felt sexy and beautiful. It was very rewarding and I just could not wait to see the final pictures.

Is there anything you would do differently now that you have experienced a boudoir session?

I don’t think so. It was a pretty perfect day!

What would you tell other women who are considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Yes, book it! I tell all my friends and once they see my photos, they are definitely interested in booking a photo shoot. Paula is so professional, but also knows how to have fun with it. She is great at what she does!

Anything else you would like to add?

No matter what your age or size or if you are shy or confident…booking a boudoir photo shoot will make you feel beautiful and you will leave feeling like the wonderful woman you truly are…and you will forever have the pictures to remind you ?

Thank you for sharing your experience Sheila! It was such a memorable weekend – and thanks for introducing me to Karaoke!  I am willing to travel all over BC if you love my photography but aren’t in the Kamloops area. I have done sessions in Quesnel, Kamloops, and Vancouver and I am open to any hot and sunny place your heart desires!

Paula <3