Lori is one of my dearest and oldest friends (not saying she is old…I’m 3 days older than her!!!) . It was an honour doing this boudoir shoot for her last summer in Quesnel. She has such a great sense of humor which came out in some of the shots. This year she turns 50and this was a way to celebrate her new life. I firmly believe that a boudoir photo shoot brings out the inner strength and femininity in women. It signifies your true identity that is yours alone as a woman.

Even as we joked with each other Lori is looking sultry in black with some divine accessories.

As Lori hiked up her lace lingerie a little, it exposes her beautiful legs. I like how the tattoo is a secondary focal point along with the shoes. It’s these shots of mystery that can be some of the most compelling.

There was a beautiful light and energy that danced off of Lori in this photo. The pearls are perfection and there is a playfulness in Lori’s slight smile here as she looks on. Perhaps looking forward in her life to whatever should come around the bend.

Oh those hazel eyes. I was so happy with how this photo accentuates her stunning gaze. It’s as though she’s looking right through whoever admires this boudoir shot.

Lori was a little nervous at the beginning of our boudoir shoot so to relaxed, she went to her silly side. She is such a funny woman and this is a great shot for showing that to the world. I think it’s good to mention here that these shoots are about embracing who you are as a woman. If there’s some humor involved and we can bring that through on the camera, we have succeeded.

Just so pretty. This is a simple shot in a clean, white shirt and lavender bra. Lori’s face and cleavage is the star of the show for this shot.

There is a lot of mystery involved in this photo. It’s hard to know what the story could be. Who does she wait for or is Lori just hanging out and being sexy on her own terms? The sexy black shoes would indicate she waits for an adventure. This photo can be taken a few different ways and conjure up many different story lines.

I think I brought out Lori’s elegant features in this photo. Her facial structure shines while her cleavage entices. I love where her hands ended up. It creates a sexy message that is inviting for the observer. I personally love the way the clean white shirt mixes with the lavender lingerie.

It was an absolute pleasure doing this boudoir shoot with my dear friend Lori. This is just the beginning of something beautiful for you. There is a sexiness and knowing to a woman turning 50. It is personified in these images.


In Lori’s own words…

Have you ever had a boudoir photo session? Yes or no, what made you decide to book your boudoir session with Photoheart Studios instead of another studio?

I knew Paula so that helped my decision. She was looking for diverse woman of age, weight etc. and I liked that aspect.

How did you feel before going to your shoot? Any particular thoughts or concerns?

I was terrified! I was overweight!


What was your favourite thing about your photoshoot experience?

Paula spent time with me, showed me example poses and asked my opinion. She brought lots of jewelry, and extra accessories to choose from.

Is there anything you would do differently now that you have experienced a boudoir session?

I would like to be more daring. I had the opportunity to help other women feel comfortable. Their pictures turned out amazing. I want to try more outfits, poses etc.

What would you tell other women who are considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Do it! Do it for yourself. Do it for your lover. Show your friends, and family. Have fun and love yourself.

Anything else you would like to add?


I will do this again with Paula. She is so funny when she does every pose too.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience Lori. I love you forever!!!! And it was just as much fun for me watching you shine and always making me laugh!!!

Paula <3