*Spoiler Alert!* This birth announcement is 2 years old… Don’t get too excited!

I have a special place in my heart for this couple! Ryan was one of the first people I met in Kamloops when I finally decided to get back to business with my photography. He was the first person to hire me in fact, to do his business head shots. Which turned into an adventure all over town! I guess I should blog that too!!! One day there will be a link right here to show that session!

I should mention this was about 2 years ago, June 2016. Yes, I realize I’m so very far behind on blogging… Anyways, on that first adventure I met Brittany, who at the time was Ryan’s fiance. So fast forward about a year and Ryan asks me if I would do photos of him and Brittany. I thought, ‘Weird, they just got married a little while ago, why would they need photos already?’ But that was cool, I’m not one to turn down a photo shoot. Unless its a wedding or baby, sorry folks! There are experts out there and I’m happy to recommend them. But I’m happy to photograph a Birth Announcement!!!

Now if you are wondering, ‘Where the heck is that building in Kamloops?’… I could not find a brick wall this colour around the city as we planned the shoot, so we made one! Custom backdrops add a unique touch to a photo shoot! And as you can see we always have FUN on these adventure shoots. My husband was litterally holding the wall up for me because it was so windy.

After our tour around Kamloops, we zipped over to Ryan and Brittany’s house to do one last photo. They have a great love of camping and thought it would be fun to incorporate this into their announcement photos.

Time to reaveal the ‘Bump’

One thing I loved about working with Ryan and Brittany is they had a vision of what they wanted to do for an entire years worth of photos. They hired me to document the beginning of this new family adventure all the way up to their first photoshoot as a family and we are already preparing to shoot their 2nd this spring!

At that time, I was still working out of my fun little studio at Makeshift in Dallas. I was always greatful for the cool decor the ladies always provided and it definitely inspired me as I created my new studio on McGill.

From up close and personal views of the bump to snuggly cuddles on the couch and just a couple light and airy bump shots near the end! Brittany and her Bump are just adorable! And Ryan’s pretty cute too…

So stay tuned for the next post that features the Smith Family documenting their days as a new little family with the arrival of baby!!

Paula <3