When my god-daughter Jenna asked me to shoot a boudoir session for her I was taken back a little. I still think of her as a ‘little’ girl. But I have to remember she is now a young woman in her 20’s!  She is a bit of a sexy nerd (her words) and wanted her photos to be playful and sexy with a lot of creativity and variety. 


As you scroll down you will see this isn’t your ordinary Boudoir shoot. Jenna makes gaming seem a whole lot more interesting if you ask me. With fairy lights on the bed and her suggestive facial expression that says, “come play with me?”


Jenna displays how a long t-shirt can be one of the sexiest things on a woman. It’s a Sunday kind of lay in bed all day kind of shot. I like the peek-a-boo of her tattoos too. A little nerdy angle shooting through her glasses – literally framing her face.


She is the stereotypical girl next door with a few exceptions… wearing nothing but glasses and a scarf at the end of the bed. Tousled hair, Jenna’s features, and that red lipstick makes this a sexy and yet innocent image.


The scene of the room is pure magic with the fairy lights. We are playing with the divine features of Jenna’s body here. The black bra and thigh highs in this pose give an inviting appeal and show off her dancer’s legs. The hand over the shoulder hints surrender.


Creating a cozy and sexy feel with her oversized red sweater and thigh highs with fairy lights makes me think of Fall even though this was taking mid summer last year in Quesnel. The light in this photo makes it appear as though Jenna is taking in some daylight and it’s illuminating her skin.


This is one of those epic photos that makes anyone looking at it feel something. Jenna gives away a beautiful energy in this photo. We get to witness a moment of deep fulfillment within her that is so powerful, we feel it too. The way the sun dances off her auburn hair, the stance of her shoulders and the knowing smile on her face. All of these details put together says, “harmony with self.”


Jenna knows how to show off her curves. It is simple but says so much. The bare room allows us to just enjoy Jenna’s shape and stunning choice in lingerie.


Jenna creates a sense of longing as the light of the day comes in through the window. She looks as though she is waiting for something. Someone. 


Oh those lashes and lips. Following the tendrils of her auburn hair down, down, down.


It was so easy to get the sun to play off Jenna’s hair. The way her hair is tousled, coupled with the Victorian style necklace, is dramatic and sexy.


The whimsical and wild heart of Jenna was not held back. She is so full of love and light, there is no stopping this girl!


Dancing has been a part of life for Jenna. Her legs are a strong and defined, she is a work of art. You appreciate the form of what you can see in the photo. You don’t ask for anything more. This is enough for the mind to be satisfied. Boudoir photo shoots in Quesnel or anywhere in BC is an ultimate form of embracing the female body. We can pick apart the pieces of the human body and showcase them. I love being artistic with the female body. I love to bring out the true character of the women I photograph.

In Jenna’s own words…

Have you ever had a boudoir photo session? Yes or no, what made you decide to book your boudoir session with Photoheart Studios instead of another studio?

No, not a professional one. I chose Paula because I had seen her previous works and was in love with it.

How did you feel before going to your shoot? Any particular thoughts or concerns?

I was a little nervous. But once I got there and started getting my makeup and hair done. I started to feel at ease. Also hearing the laughing in the other room made me feel a little more relaxed.

What was your favourite thing about your photoshoot experience?

The loving environment. I hadn’t seen Paula in years so it was lovely to catch up and get some photos done in a different light.

Is there anything you would do differently now that you have experienced a boudoir session?

I don’t think there is anything I would do differently. And I definitely want to do another one!

What would you tell other women who are considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Do it. Take advantage of it. It is one of the greatest things you could do. You’re not being judged on your body. Paula is there to capture your beauty, not be critical of how your body has changed or what you look like under your clothes.

Anything else you would like to add? No, I hink I got all my points across. 🙂

Thank you for sharing your experience Jenna! It is an honour to be your photographer. You have literally grown up into a young woman right before my eyes. I may be a tiny bit biased, but I’m pretty sure these photos speak for themselves.

If you have a special event such as a birthday of yours or your partners, I am available to do Quesnel boudoir shoots, Kamloops photo shoots, and pretty much anywhere that you are in BC. I am willing to travel and can also do a variety of other kinds of photo shoots for women in BC.

Paula <3