3 Reasons I LOVE boudoir style photography

Here is a throwback to the VERY FIRST boudoir session that I photographed. This is still one of my FAVORITE photos! So much so, that it is printed poster sized and framed in the studio! The amazing Alyssa Gredling was so gracious and willing to help me out! Below you will find the 3 reasons I LOVE boudoir style photography!

Model: Alyssa Gredling HMUA: Michelle Gredling

I started my photography career in 2013 focusing on family portraits and then slowly turned to more glamorous (Sue Bryce styled) portraits in 2017. By 2018 decided to try out boudoir photography.

2 years later it is my #1 favorite genre of photography for so many different reasons.

Reason Number 1 why I love boudoir style photography

It is super easy to take beautiful photographs when your subject is willing to be there. From my own personal experience, family photography is usually Mom’s idea and everyone else is either dragged along, bribed or plain old does not want to participate. My job as a photographer was to make all of that look like everyone was happy to be there. And it was a lot of work most of the time. At this point in my life, I don’t need that kind of challenge…lol! Not that I’m complaining, I just prefer to photograph people who actually WANT me to photograph them.

When a woman comes to me for a boudoir session, she REALLY wants to be there…

Reason Number 2 why I love boudoir style photography

She has hair and makeup that has been styled by a professional. I don’t have to worry about ‘fixing’ in photoshop because she has been taken care of by my amazing team! She also feels relaxed and pampered because she didn’t have to lift a finger to get ready. Chocolate and a few sips of Mimosa doesn’t hurt either!

Reason Number 3 why I love boudoir style photography

I am helping women see themselves in such a way that they may never have experienced before.
This is my real reason for doing this. Not only do I make sure the lighting and posing is flattering but I tell them over and over (mostly because I just can’t help it) how amazing they are! When I finally show them a peek at the back of my camera I usually get a few tears and “Oh, wow. I can’t believe that is me.”

I have never had a woman leave a session saying that she wished she hadn’t done that…if anything, she usually says “I wish I would have done this sooner!”

For me this photo shoot became an entire chapter in my journey to truly love who I am. I’ve learned that it is when you are raw and vulnerable, that you will become the strongest. Paula made the entire experience fun and fabulous! It was about letting all guards down and embracing the moments. It was empowering as a woman to just own it! Every woman should grasp opportunity when it presents itself, to remind ourselves that we are enough! Thank you Paula, for capturing some hidden pieces of my soul.

Sandy F.

Every woman has a story. It is usually the reason she comes to see me. Sometimes I hear it during the planning session. Sometimes it comes out after the camera is put down and we have a little decompress chat after the session. Tears are usually a part of this process. Not because they are unhappy. But I think it is because they feel truly seen and truly heard. And they truly see themselves as the amazing person they already are.  Check out Sandy’s experience here.

As women who are often taking care of everyone else, we don’t find the right time or the right moment to say what we feel or ask for what we need. But don’t worry. I see you. I hear you. I got your back!

Paula ♥