Hello Parents!

I am so excited to be returning to Quesnel for school photography season. If I have not photographed your child the past, here is a little about myself and my business – I lived in Quesnel for most of my life, but in 2015 my family had an opportunity to move to Kamloops and it has been quite an adventure! I’ve been photographing schools in Quesnel since 2014 and each year I’m so grateful to return to see all the kids smiling faces!


Refer to the list/chart below for the specific dates for your child’s school. If I’m at your school for more than one day, please contact the office to find out which specific day your child’s class will be photographed as the school will prioritize the schedule that best suits their needs.


If you wish to purchase a picture package, I ask that you fill out the envelope with all required information, place a cheque or cash inside, seal it and return it to their teacher on or before picture day. If you prefer Electronic Money Transfers (EMT), please refer to the instructions on the opposite side of the envelope. You must also submit the envelope – if we do not receive an envelope, we cannot process your order.

Please note: We are not responsible for lost school packages. If you want to ensure that the package arrives safely, we suggest that a parent deliver it directly to the teacher with the envelope sealed.

What to Expect

Each year I try to capture each child’s unique personality and work hard to get a genuine smile out of them. I will be doing all school photos outside in a natural setting. Kids seem to be more comfortable outside with natural light rather than inside a studio setting. Please dress your child accordingly! (If it rains, we will be using a covered area to still ensure that a natural setting is available.)

I will choose the best picture of your child for the package. Each child will also receive a class photo, regardless if they order a portrait package. 

Preparing Your Child for Photo Day

Help your child choose an outfit/shirt that they feel good in. For a lot of families this is the only professional photo they get each year so choosing an outfit that will look good on your walls is very important.

Come to school with clean/dry hair. Styled in their usual way, this is not the time to try out a new hair colour or trendy style.

Choose to wear layers. IF it is windy or cold (it is the Cariboo) a coordinating sweater is a good idea if they feel chilly.

Hats – this is up to the child to keep on or take off. Retakes cannot be done for a child who wears a hat without permission. I have to trust the child knows what Mom/Dad wants as I do not look at their envelopes until the end of each photo day. Please feel free send me an email if you have a special request but please let me know the school/grade your child is in so I can make sure I note on my list.

If your child has chapped lips, try a bit of Vaseline on their lips for a few days prior to photo day.

If your child has fine hair it may be a good idea to choose a ponytail or braid to help in case it is a windy day.

If your child is a messy eater, it may be a good idea to send some wet wipes or have them put their picture day shirt on after recess if their photos are later in the morning.

Younger/Older Siblings

Preschoolers and high school aged children are welcome to have their photos done as well. Please join me at the start of lunch hour on the first day of photos at your child’s school if you would like your other child(ren) to be photographed.

Please fill out a separate envelope for each child (available at the office) and bring it with you. I will not be taking any photos at lunch hour without receiving a prepaid envelope for each child.

Contact me

The best way to contact me is by email –

Do not leave a note on the envelope that gives me instructions for your child because I do not see them until the end of the school day.

If you want to call me my number is 250-318-3780, and please understand it will be long distance for Quesnel. I will not be abe to answer during photography hours 8am to 1pm.


Check out what some of my previously clients have to say about my school photography work!

Thank you for your amazing job on my boys pictures. They are absolutely beautiful shots of them! I love that they are outside!! You captured their personalities to a T! Thank you!!

Gerri Lust

Quesnel, BC

Paula is wonderful! I have 2 children with special needs and Paula’s calm, casual yet fun style is perfect for them! Paula captures their personalities just right and I look forward to her taking their pictures every year!

Cari Rawling

Quesnel, BC

Love the photos…YOU ARE AMAZING! I have been showing the photos to people at work…everyone is really impressed. You do such an amazing job…We are sooooo happy!

Dianne Karolot

Quesnel, BC




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September 27, 2019
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